Determined to excel

Throughout our 38-year history, Sammet has become known for its determination to surpass customer expectations and produce the most advanced industrial dampers in the world.

Tried and True

At Sammet, we find that high quality business practices based on open communication, commitment to our partners and working to find mutually beneficial solutions keep our teams motivated, our relationships strong and our customers satisfied.

Quality Solutions

Sammet’s commitment to our customers, partners and the planet is what motivates our teams to strive for better.

Growing in strength

One year after COVID-19 changed the world, Sammet is looking forward to a promising future. This issue of the Sammet Review is filled with promise of new possibilities. Commitment to and from our partners during trying times has strengthened our relationships. With this strength comes a commitment to each other, our customers and the environment.

Industrial Dampers

Sammet’s renowned Clean Flow Dampers are focused on reducing emissions and helping the environment. As the world moves towards solutions, we look forward to connecting and collaborating with our partners to support their success.

Global Partnership

In our connected world, swift action and commitment to finding solutions are necessary for collective success.


Sammet is in word and action, a clean-tech company. Environmental thinking is at the core of everything we do.

Maritime Special

On 1 January, 2020 a new era for the maritime industry began. New shipping fuel emission regulations have come into force.

35 Years

Sammet’s 35-year history is a powerful story of determination to deliver Finnish quality to the world.

New Era

Through commitment and hard work, we doubled the number of damper projects and turnover in the last financial year.