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Sammet’s after sales services keep your processes up and running

Original spare parts deliveries

Sammet has a complete selection of tried and tested, original spare parts to keep your damper systems up and running. These include sealings, bearings, limit switches, actuators and more. Our dampers are designed with very long lifespan and easy servicing in mind and our spare parts service is a convenient way to order parts for damper maintenance.

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New construction projects

Sammet’s expertise comes in handy with new construction projects that include dampers. We will consult in choosing the right type of dampers and actuators and assist in making the most efficient design choices right from the beginning of project. Careful planning in advance will make sure the end customer is getting ideal and best functioning damper systems for each application.

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Modernizing damper systems

Sammet offers a complete damper renewing service that makes it very easy to replace or repair existing dampers. Other manufacturers’ products can be replaced with latest Sammet tech to provide better control, savings and optimal performance. We can also modernize existing dampers when their design and condition allows it.

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