Clean Flow




Sammet’s Clean Flow Damper Technology builds for a cleaner tomorrow

Controlling flow with the most advanced technology available is what Sammet’s line of industrial dampers is all about. At the very core of modern Clean Tech, ensuring the reliability and energy efficiency of processes, Sammet’s line of industrial dampers come in all shapes, sizes and materials, covering the multitude of industrial applications.

Our dampers come equipped with leading actuator technology and several advanced options such as limit switches, sealing air fans and electrical cabinets, making them the most versatile and complete Clean Flow package available.


Why Sammet?

What really sets our line of dampers apart from the others is the unique mix of technological innovation and quality. We are offering the most advanced Clean Flow solutions tailor-made to the specific requirements of our customers' plants and ships. Our very existence is built upon own inhouse research and development, ensuring that every detail and function is carefully tested and reviewed to provide the highest possible performance.

We take great pride in our industry-leading product portfolio. Based on our regular customer satisfactions studies, our partners agree, as they keep rating our dampers cutting-edge.


Sammet’s Clean Flow Dampers for Marine



2-Way Dampers for Marine

Our advanced line of 2-Way Dampers for Marine can utilize Sammet’s unique Sealing Air technology to provide the ultimate gas tightness in a small form factor. The design is custom-engineered to be used in ships where reliability and efficiency is of highest importance. 

NEW! Now in sizes up to DN3400!
Read more about our new line of Ultra Large 2-Way Dampers for Marine.


3-Way Dampers for Marine

Sammet’s 3-Way Dampers for Marine are carefully engineered to meet the highest technical offshore requirements.  The state-of-the-art design is uncompromisingly robust and efficient, serving reliably with ship scrubbers and catalysts all around the world.

The Next Generation is here!
Read more about our new line of NG 3-Way Dampers for Marine


Sammet’s Clean Flow Dampers for Industry


Louver and Butterfly Dampers

Sammet Louver and Butterfly Dampers are tailor-made to meet customer specification. The robust design can handle harsh conditions, delivering ultimate reliability and control. Choices in materials, surface treatment and equipment such as actuators and limit switches are industry-leading.


Sealing Air Dampers

Sammet’s unique Sealing Air technology is developed to provide the ultimate gas tightness where needed, up to the full 100% level. Sealing Air technology can be conveniently added to different damper designs, including louvers, butterflies and guillotines.


Guillotine Dampers

Named after the sliding guillotine-like design, Sammet’s Guillotine Dampers are smart space-savers in narrow spaces where there is not enough room for turning blades. Operated by either screw or chain, we provide the most advanced guillotine design available.


Diverters and 3-Way Dampers

Sammet’s Diverters and 3-way Dampers are specifically designed to meet the demands of waste heat boilers and air purification plants. By-passing the gas flow makes it easy to adjust temperature inside boiler and enables servicing and renovation operations to take place. 


Disc Dampers

Sammet’s Disc Dampers are designed for the ultimate corrosive and dust-laden operating conditions of pulp and cement production, metallurgical processes and coal-fired power plants. This special design is industry-leading and performs reliably even in the most demanding environments.


Stack Dampers

Sammet Stack Dampers utilise a reliable and thoroughly tested technology with automatic and adjustable pressure relief function, opening the damper automatically once needed. Stack dampers can be installed in the chimney itself or before the chimney in horizontal duct. The design is weatherproof, automatically collecting rain water and preventing it from entering the duct system.


Pivot Dampers

Sammet’s line of Pivot Dampers is designed for on/off function, offering a high tightness level and minimal pressure drop. Conveniently replacing disc dampers with a much shorter assembly length when space saving is required, our Pivot Dampers offer a most robust and heavy-duty solution.


Poppet Dampers

Sammet Poppet Dampers are designed with continuous sealing surface in mind, offering a very good level of tightness and resistance to flow from both directions. Poppets are available for both round and rectangular ducts and equipped with removable upper part for easy maintenance.