The Next Generation is here:
Sammet NG 3-Way Dampers for Marine

SAMMET NG stands for Next Generation

Sammet is proud to launch an all-new, specially tailored series of NG 3-way Dampers for Marine. Targeting the most demanding marine applications on every ocean and in every weather, offering industry-leading reliability, Sammet’s advanced marine technology is globally available to all our customers today.

The Next Generation - Sammet NG 3-Way Dampers

Serving reliably in a huge variety of vessel types

Our Clean Flow marine dampers can be used in both scrubbers and SCR applications and serve reliably in various vessel types such as

  • Bulk
  • Container
  • Cruise
  • Ropax / Ferry
  • Ro-Ro
  • Tanker

Building on our quality promise and know-how, reaching for the ultimate

Sammet is the leading global developer of industrial dampers. During the past 39 years, we have delivered thousands of Clean Flow dampers for the most demanding land and marine applications 10 more than 140 countries. Our long experience and absolute dedication to quality ensure that our products are industry-leading not only by technology but also in the ease of service, durability and usability. With our new line of NG 3-Way Dampers for Marine, our target was set to provide our partners with industry best product line to meet the demands of challenging marine conditions and maintenance requirements. The design is easily customizable to conveniently fit different scrubber types.

Sammet’s NG technology benefits to customer

Advanced design and equipment

  • Size range from DN350 to DN2000 
  • Tightness 98,8 - 99,9 % geometrical tightness depending on sealing type and product size
  • 100% tightness with sealing air 
  • Low exhaust gas flow resistance with CFD optimized T-frame design
  • Service free bearings at damper backside allow for compact design, installation against wall and no need for maintenance platform 
  • Blade linkage with linkage cover 
  • Mechanical locking
  • Manhole for possibility to access the inside of damper
  • Sealing air and exhaust gas pressure measuring joints

Equipment options

  • Soot cleaning system
  • Control cabinet
  • Solenoid valve + service unit
  • Limit switches on shafts
  • Junction box
  • Limit switches on actuator
  • Rainwater drainage joint
  • Emergency cam
  • Sealing air valve
  • Sealing air fan

Actuator options

Pneumatic actuator 

  • fail-safe with spring operation 
  • fail-safe with pressurized tank 
  • manual override gear

Electrical actuator

  • fail-safe with UPS Electro-hydraulic actuator
  • fail-safe with pressurized tank

Ask more about our NG 3-Way Dampers for Marine

For more information about our Next Generation 3-Way Dampers for Marine, please contact us at or call us anytime at +358 14 3391 651.