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We are Sammet. Our passion is dampers.

Based in EU and China, Sammet is the global leader in Industrial Dampers. Our reach and market is worldwide and our volume rapidly expanding. Currently, Sammet industrial dampers are in use in more than 100 countries. On every continent and every ocean.

Our headquarters is situated in Jyväskylä, Finland. Other offices in Finland include Helsinki and Turku. Production takes place in several EU countries including Finland, Estonia and Poland. In addition, we are running our own, newly-built production facilities in Shanghai, China, to serve the growing Asian market. Being close to our partners is part of our customer promise.


R&D is at the very core of Sammet



Sammet Way means working together for the benefit of our partners

Sammet’s core value that we call Sammet Way, means true partnership. We prefer working very closely with our partners throughout the projects and in between the projects. To fully understand the customer’s specific needs, our team is constantly available for feedback and more. Being the world-leading damper experts, we are more than happy to consult our partners in all things dampers. Continuous communication is our way of ensuring that our partners get the specific technology and innovations that benefit them the most.

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35+ years of Sammet history and counting

At Sammet, we celebrated our 35 th anniversary in 2019. Our story began in 1984 in Finland as a manufacturer of big-scale industrial products such as pressure vessels, heat exhangers, air preheaters and industrial dampers. Although the biggest Sammet-made products, such as the 326 metre high TV mast in Oulu, Finland are visible and true landmarks, our focus was set to develop the most advanced industrial dampers in the world. In 3+ decades we have grown together with our partners to became the global leader in industrial dampers. And the journey continues.

35 Years of Sammet: A global business with a family feel


Sammet is proudly part of Addtech

In 2016, Sammet became part of Addtech, a publicly listed, Swedish technology trading group with over 2,600 employees operating in 20 countries. Addtech's core values include simplicity, efficiency, change, responsibility and freedom - a perfect match with Sammet's traditional values and work philosophy.

Together, Addtech and Sammet aim to operate a sustainable business combining financial strength, social responsibility and environmental development. At the same time, Sammet continues to work autonomously to deliver the great customer service and quality products Sammet customers expect. Being part of a bigger, stronger network gives Sammet great flexibility and a means to further expand international presence, as well as better meet customer needs.

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