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At Sammet, great customer satisfaction is a shared goal. Our core values of true partnership, open communication and absolute dedication to quality are essential to not just being a good partner, but the best partner. It is a lot to promise, but we will not settle for anything less or make claims we cannot deliver on.

To gain a deeper understanding of what our partners really think, Sammet has established a long tradition of undertaking an independent, biennial customer satisfaction survey. The survey is carried out by a neutral third party agency that interviews our customers directly and confidentially. Historically, the results have been very respectable.Nevertheless, we carefully analyse the data to identify areas for development as part of our continuous improvement pledge.

Sammet’s latest survey results have been published and we are happy to report that despite our rapid growth and expansion, customers felt they have received the same level of high quality service and products. New and existing customers share the same positive views about Sammet. They are happy with our advanced technology, friendly personnel and quality products. Most of all, customers consider us a partner whom they would willingly recommend to others. Here is what our customers had to say about our friendly service and quality products:

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On a scale from 1 to 7, with 7 the highest, respondents scored Sammet’s personnel an average of 6.1. Customers especially valued our friendliness (6.4) and expertise (6.2).

Respondents were highly satisfied with Sammet products and services, agreeing they were suitable for their needs (6.0), fit for purpose (5.9), durable (5.9), of high quality (5.9) and functional (5.9). An average of 5.8 was given to the statement, “Sammet’s products are among the best in the industry”.

Customers rated the reliability of our supply process as very high (5.7). We received an average rating of 5.8 for the statement, “Sammet Dampers deliveries always arrive according to the agreed schedule and product quality meets agreed specifications”. Customers highly value Sammet’s delivery process (5.7) and our sales, quotations and contracts process (5.6).

A remarkable 94% of all respondents would recommend Sammet as a supplier to others.

A figure describing customer experience