Sammet Dampers is now part of Caligo Industria

Sammet Dampers Oy and Caligo Industria Oy are merging

Sammet Dampers Oy (the merging company) and Caligo Industria Oy (the receiving company) announce their merger, the aim of which is to strengthen the market position of both companies and improve their competitive advantage.

In the merger, the assets and liabilities of Sammet Dampers Oy will be transferred as such to Caligo Industria Oy. Sammet Dampers Oy will continue to operate under the Sammet brand, maintaining its personnel, services and offerings. Arto Korhonen, CEO of Sammet Dampers Oy, will remain in charge of Sammet's business.

"By combining our forces, we can achieve synergistic benefits and serve our customers even more versatile. We will keep the Sammet brand and want to continue to guarantee our customers the high-quality products and services that Sammet Dampers has become known for. Focus on customer service remains at the core of our operations," comments Arto Korhonen, CEO of Sammet Dampers Oy.

"Both brands are known for their high quality and expertise. With the merger, we as Caligo Industria can offer our customers an even wider range of products and services. This also supports our operations in the international market", sums up Oskari Salovaara, CEO of Caligo Industria Oy.

The common shareholder of Sammet Dampers Oy and Caligo Industria Oy is Addtech Nordic AB. The merger is a so-called sister company merger, where the shareholder of the merging company is not given shares as consideration for the merger. The merger is scheduled to take effect on March 31, 2024.

Additional information:

Arto Korhonen
Sammet Dampers Oy
+358 50 5461 644

Oskari Salovaara
Caligo Industria Oy
+358 50 452 8208

Sammet Dampers Oy is the global technology leader in industrial dampers. Our Clean Flow damper systems are developed for the benefit of our partners and environment, ensuring maximum energy efficiency and reliability. Our passion is dampers. Our mission is to solve the puzzle for a cleaner tomorrow.

Caligo Industria Oy is a Finnish cleantech company offering innovative energy efficiency solutions for the energy and process industries. We develop and deliver the most efficient product and system solutions on the market for flue gas cleaning and recovery of waste heat from processes. Our solutions combine the practical use of thermodynamic and flow theories, as well as extensive experience in the practical challenges of the energy and process industries. All Caligo solutions are delivered as fully functioning plug-and-play products that have been thoroughly tested at the manufacturing plant.