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Duct systems a major addition to Sammet's delivery content

Text Mikko Sammasmaa
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Sammet is known worldwide as the industry leader in the development of industrial and marine dampers. The company, which started out in Finland, has over the decades delivered Clean Flow products to all corners of the world.

Sammet has added duct systems to its already wide product portfolio. This allows the customer to purchase an even wider range of products safely and easily from the same familiar supplier.

A typical Sammet delivery can cover dozens of different sizes of dampers and include all the associated equipment: actuators, limit switches, electrical cabinets, bellows, sealing air fans and valves. The list is long because Sammet has the expertise to deliver the whole package.

Nevertheless, in a changing world all product portfolios require constant review, and Sammet listens particularly carefully to any requests in this respect. One question that has often come up concerns the duct systems surrounding the dampers, which our customers have in the past purchased case by case from different suppliers. Now, 100% compatible duct systems are available directly from Sammet, as part of the same damper delivery. An important addition, designed to ease the workload of our customers during the design and procurement phase.

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Sales Manager Pertti Mehto, what exactly does this mean?

We have extended our delivery content so that, in addition to the damper, actuator and equipment, we can now supply the complete duct systems surrounding the dampers. All in the same delivery. This is aimed to improve customer service and ease the engineering, purchasing and delivery control. Customers can be assured of perfect compatibility when the design, production and supervision of a larger supply package are all in the same, competent hands.

Can I still order a dampers-only delivery from Sammet?

Absolutely. As usual, we supply industrial and marine dampers in various configurations, with or without the surrounding duct systems. The delivery content is always tailored to the customer's needs. The ducts add an important extra to the previous content when the customer wants them.

Does Sammet, then, also supply duct systems alone, without dampers?

Yes, we do supply ducts alone, as well. Here too, the customer's individual wishes and needs are decisive.

What impact will adding duct systems have on the overall project lead time?

The design and production of the ducts is smoothly handled as part of the delivery of the dampers and does not affect the project lead time. Our production capacity is excellent and the ducts are mainly produced in different manufacturing units than the dampers. This means that they do not directly affect each other's production schedules. However, production is scheduled with particular care to ensure that the whole scope is tested and ready to go on time. Sammet already has a long history of experience in this area.

Are there any geographical constraints on deliveries?

As with dampers, ducts can be delivered freely to any part of the world, precisely in accordance with our customers' wishes. Sammet's long experience in international logistics will help.

How do you add ducts to the delivery content in practice?

Our customers are very familiar with Sammet's systematic quotation process. Our sales team goes through the delivery content and requirements in detail, from sizing to materials and equipment. At the same time, we clarify the initial data required for the duct system and offer a complete delivery according to the agreed specifications. It is therefore up to the customer to specify the scope of delivery that best suits them. We will do the rest.

Sammet Duct Systems

Sammet is committed to its customers. It is our first priority to ensure that deliveries are made on time and correspond exactly to the original enquiry. Whether you need a traditional damper delivery, dampers + ducts together or just duct system alone, we will provide and deliver. 

Contact us to find out more about our delivery content options at or call 014 3391 651.