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Customers respond to the Sammet way of working

Text Sepi Roshan

Determined to maintain its leadership position and connect with customers in different ways, Sammet has an established practice of undertaking an independent, biennial customer satisfaction survey. The survey is conducted by an independent agency using direct, confidential interviews with a range of customers. In early 2022, a total of 56 respondents took part in the survey. Respondents are situated in various geographical locations, receiving deliveries from Europe and China. Respondents are asked to rank various elements of Sammet’s operations out of a total of seven (7).

Being recognised is the beginning

Since the last survey in 2019, Sammet’s market presence has increased considerably, with three out of four respondents (77%) stating that they know Sammet well. This is up from 65% in 2019. Mikko Sammasmaa from Sammet’s marketing and communications partner Brande attributes some of the increase to the large volume of projects completed and delivered over this period. He also draws attention to Sammet’s exceptional progress in the Asian market since 2019, where demand for marine dampers and services has been strong.

Sammet’s investment in its online strategy, including communications and social media, has also contributed to increased customer awareness. Sammasmaa states, “While we have always been committed to constant communication with our customers, partners and potential customers, in the last few years where exhibitions were mostly cancelled due to COVID-19, we expanded our online presence and see it as a crucial element in interacting with our customers”. 

Sammet customer satisfaction today and before

Technical and personal leaders

Sammet’s culture of teamwork and frequent communication is integral to the Sammet way of working. Respondents agree that the sales team understands their needs well and contracts are written so that they are easy to understand. Receiving offers quickly and finding them aligned with their enquiries is also highly prized by respondents. Overall, Sammet’s sales, offers and contracts process was rated an average of 5.5. In terms of projects completion and delivery (5.5), respondents are most satisfied with Sammet’s ability to translate project briefs into delivery of final products (5.5). During these challenging last few years, customers said they value Sammet’s flexibility, documentation and instructions throughout project phases. The Sammet project process is a finely tuned operation and you can read more about it here.

Personnel, products and services set companies apart, and Sammet’s rate highly (average of 5.8). Respondents are most satisfied with the team’s friendliness and how well they understand customer needs. Over the last three years, significant emphasis was placed on improving Sammet’s aftersales and spare parts services to better meet customer needs. Its success is reflected in high satisfaction rating with product quality and accessibility of after sale services. Several new advanced product lines such as Sammet NG (Next Generation) marine dampers were also launched, impacting the range of products on offer to meet the changing needs of customers. Sammasmaa is very proud of these results, and says, “Friendly personnel, great customer service and high-quality products and services are at the very core of Sammet.  We are very excited and happy to see our customers are satisfied with the essential elements underlying our operations”.

Always striving for a better customer experience

The Sammet way of working involves putting the customer first and it is paying off. A remarkable 98% of all respondents would recommend Sammet (94%, 2019). Traditionally, this indicator has been exceptionally high and its increase is a testament to Sammet’s commitment to enhancing the customer experience. Sammasmaa believes the willingness of customers to recommend Sammet reflects its investment in developing a strong technical and personable team of experts who are committed to customers and quality. “Seeing this number rise further is an indication that we are investing in the most meaningful elements for our customers and helping meet their expectations”, he explains. The onset of COVID-19 also triggered some industry-wide challenges which Sammet was able to successfully navigate. “Despite all the challenges, the fact this number has increased is very humbling and we are honoured that our customers have felt supported enough to recommend us”, Sammasmaa adds.

“There is always room for improvement and that includes every single part of our operations, products and services."

Sammet’s continuous improvement philosophy means that despite the superb feedback, they are already working on ways to develop further. “There is always room for improvement and that includes every single part of our operations, products and services. We are concentrating our efforts on company-wide needs, where any issues identified can be responded to immediately and rectified. We are also looking for ways to enhance our ability to listen to our customers’ needs and identify solutions that will save them time and money”, states Sammasmaa.
True to their word, Sammet is determined to garner feedback from customers at any opportunity. Outside of this survey process, customers are invited to provide feedback at every touch point during and in between projects. “Much of the feedback we receive comes to us directly in our one-on-one discussions, because of course, we are keen to receive real time feedback about performance”, explains Sammasmaa. In addition, Sammet encourages feedback from its social media channels, website and exhibitions.

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