Q&A: Sammet Guillotine Dampers and spare parts

Text Sepi Roshan

Q&A is a series of articles in which the Sammet experts answer customer questions.

We have an older model of a guillotine damper in our facility. Does Sammet still manufacture these dampers?

Yes, we do. With proven expertise in designing and manufacturing guillotine dampers, Sammet’s range is a highly optimised speciality product. These industrial dampers work to isolate air stream or gas flows during routine maintenance, inspection or repair. They perform best in situations where flow control is not critical but low leakage is.  Sammet Guillotine Dampers perform with consistent precision in environments with corrosive gas, particulates and high temperature. A guillotine damper has fewer moving parts and requires limited maintenance, which results in cost savings over its useful life.

Sammet Guillotine Dampers are a smart space-saving option when space is limited and rotating damper blades cannot operate. In this case, the sliding guillotine blade provides the perfect solution.

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What kind of spare parts do you provide to extend the life of a guillotine damper?

We can supply spare parts for all your guillotine damper needs. We offer drive screws and nuts for guillotine dampers with a screw drive option. For guillotine dampers with a chain drive, we supply bearings, cord sealings, new chains and chain wheels. We can also help you with renewing actuators and, if necessary, produce a new, optimised and robust Sammet guillotine damper to suit your needs. Our Sammet Guillotine Dampers are our speciality products, and of the highest quality. They come with a full Sammet guarantee.

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