Q&A: Sammet Disc Damper benefits and company logistics

Text Sepi Roshan
Photos Tero Takalo-Eskola

Q&A is a series of articles in which the Sammet experts answer customer questions.

Our power plant has experienced a costly shutdown resulting from repairs to the electrostatic precipitator (ESP). What is the benefit of installing a disc damper?

Sammet Disc Dampers are designed to cater for particularly corrosive, dusty and dirty conditions where maximum tightness is required. Our special design is industry-leading and performs reliably even in the most demanding environments. Common applications include pulp mills, metal processing and cement plants, and power plants. Sammet disc dampers are being increasingly used in gas cleaning and safety systems.

Our disc dampers are tightly sealed and when installed with ESPs, can isolate chambers for maintenance and repairs without additional and costly downtime. 

Sammet has been designing and manufacturing disc dampers since the 1980s. We have supplied hundreds of disc dampers worldwide to countries such as India, Portugal, Finland, Sweden, China, Russia and Indonesia, for very demanding operational conditions.

Our disc dampers are available for both round and rectangular duct systems. Damper size can be precisely tailored to your requirements. We offer a wide range of actuators such as electric to pneumatic, hydraulic and manual, to suit your specific needs. All our disc dampers are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 compliant and suited to maximum temperatures of up to 400 degrees celsius. Our design engineers can tailor disc dampers to meet your requirements.

To discuss your precise, technical specifications email us at sales@sammet.fi or call +358 14 3391 651.



Sammet is based in Finland which is one of the furthest countries from our Asia-Pacific site. Are there any restrictions on where you can you deliver your dampers?

Sammet is a global, internationally-focused company. Since the 1990s, we have exported Clean Flow dampers all over the world, including India, China and Indonesia. While our company originated in Finland and remains headquartered here, we deliver to over 140 countries around the world. We have plenty of production capability in Europe, including Finland, Estonia and Poland. Our locations have been strategically established for proximity to major freight routes. 

As a well connected company with global reach, location or delivery method is no barrier to supplying our high quality products and services. Sammet can easily arrange delivery to any part of the world using our road, sea and air transportation networks. No matter where you are located, we are always available to discuss your needs. You can email us at sales@sammet.fi or call +358 14 3391 651.