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Pekka Kylmälahti, Sales Engineer at Sammet

Pekka Kylmälahti started in Sammet's sales team

Pekka Kylmälahti, age 46, started working at Sammet as Sales Engineer in June 2022. Kylmälahti has a strong previous experience in international sales of mechanical transmission products and services and customer experience from around the world. In addition to sales career, he has previously done e.g. roll alignment measurements in production facilities of various industries throughout Finland.

Kylmälahti will strengthen Sammet's sales operations with his long and comprehensive commercial and technical experience and expertise. Sammet's goal is to serve the customer in a friendly, effective and timely manner. Kylmälahti clearly sums up his own approach to this: Working with a positive and professional attitude for the benefit of customer.