High quality to our core

Text Pertti Mehto
Photos Tero Takalo-Eskola

Every business relationship carries risks and uncertainties. At Sammet, we find that high quality business practices based on open communication, commitment to our partners and working to find mutually beneficial solutions keep our teams motivated, our relationships strong and our customers satisfied.

Sammet's Sales Manager Mr Pertti Mehto.

True to our philosophy of our continuous improvement, we seek and respond to feedback in all our interactions. Our customers and partners know they have a direct line to all of our team. When they raise technical and non-technical issues with us, our open and straightforward approach means we quickly find effective solutions. Our partnerships with suppliers and manufacturers are especially strong because we work together to grow and support our customers. In this issue of Sammet Review, Mr Veiko Tõnso, Managing Director of TB Works discusses the mutual benefits from creating and maintaining our high-quality partnership.
Sammet’s reputation as a world leader in damper technology means our customers can trust our high-quality products and services. Our Product Group Manager Mr Jyrki Kuitunen discusses Sammet’s most popular product group - louver and butterfly dampers. Learn what continues to draw customers from all over the world, to these tried-and-true products. In addition, as the world opens up and businesses look to renew their operations, we are receiving enquires about Sammet’s Guillotine Damper solutions and associated services.
Our high-quality products, services and partnerships have been the foundation of Sammet’s success over the last 37 years. Underlying this is our high-quality team, who continue to dedicate themselves to supporting you – our valued customers.

Pertti Mehto
Sales Manager