A high quality partnership: Openness and innovation

Text Sepi Roshan
Photos Kelly Jõesoo

One of Sammet’s longest running manufacturing partnerships is with TB Works, an Estonian company manufacturing high quality, precision metal products for complex equipment. Their workshops in Turi and Kadrina, have produced Sammet industrial and marine dampers since 1999. Mr Veiko Tõnso, Managing Director of TB Works is committed to strengthening and developing their long-standing partnership with Sammet.

Mr. Veiko Tõnso, Managing Director of TB Works.

Tõnso explains that the partnership was formed at a time when Sammet and TB Works were seeking to grow and develop their individual businesses. In the years after 1999, the companies have partnered, created and matured together. To date, they have produced almost 6,000 Sammet dampers. “I have had the pleasure of working with the Sammet team since 2007 and the bond between the two companies has only gotten stronger”, says Tõnso.  

Engaging and growing together

The strongest partnerships develop over time and are built on trust. Tõnso points to the many difficult conversations required to build the solid foundation on which the Sammet-TB Works partnership sits. “We have had many tough conversations and engaged in tense negotiations to find mutually beneficial solutions. Our openness has built a level of trust where we know we can weather any storm and economic challenge together”, states Tõnso. The pride in knowing they can overcome challenges together has produced an unyielding belief in the partnership.

Tōnso also attributes the partnership’s success to having an open mind about how solutions are found. “Our teams complement each other and enjoy the challenge of identifying innovative solutions together, while playing to our strengths”, says Tõnso. He explains that Sammet’s expertise lies in developing innovative products and TB Works focuses on developing innovative manufacturing solutions. Finding the best solutions involves Sammet engineers discussing the most efficient and effective production methods for their designs and the TB Works team working to perfect the production process. “Trusting each team to use their skills and expertise to identify creative solutions benefits everyone. This way of working creates good soil for business growth and customer satisfaction”, says Tõnso.

Veiko Tõnso, TB Works

Strategic growth through quality

Sammet and TB Works have matured together over their 20-year partnership. Together, they have responded to increased competitive pressure by creating systems and processes that promote quality and efficiency in all aspects of their work together. Both companies take advantage of their businesses being in close proximity to each other. For instance, final testing and client inspections of products occur at TB Works workshops. This reduces overall cost and delivery times.

“Sammet is a partner we can communicate easily with on any topic. The quality of Sammet’s teams is shown by their ability to adeptly navigate all issues."

Sammet’s quality assurance process is very thorough and Tõnso explains how being geographically close becomes beneficial for customers. “Estonia is very close to Finland which means Sammet inspections can be completed quite quickly and, where necessary, our advanced manufacturing expertise can accommodate any agreed adjustments”, he explains. The workshops also have excellent connections to ports and larger cities. The result is customers can be assured that their products arrive on time and meet the highest specifications.

Product quality is fundamental for functional, high-performing dampers. Tõnso is quick to highlight the important role a quality partner plays in creating quality products. “Sammet is a partner we can communicate easily with on any topic. The quality of Sammet’s teams is shown by their ability to adeptly navigate all issues. This is particularly important during the quality assurance process where we need to discuss and resolve technical and non-technical issues”, he says. The team at TB Works also admires the quality of Sammet’s internal controls and processes, such as their procurement and communication methods. “With our similar values, mindset and expectations this is truly a quality partnership”, declares Tõnso.

The goal

Customers are the ultimate beneficiaries of this strong and enduring partnership. “It’s simple”, says Tõnso, “our goal is to keep our customers satisfied”. He admits that meeting the changing needs of customers can be challenging but having strong partnerships is necessary to meet expectations and demands. “We are committed to delivering the best to our customers. Our partnership with Sammet is built on using each other’s expertise to produce the best quality dampers in the market and keep costs down”, says Tõnso.

It is clear when speaking with Tõnso that he really enjoys his work. As far as he is concerned, he is cultivating good soil for the benefit of business and customers.

About TB Works

TB Works is a contract manufacturer for small and medium series and project-based products for the engineering industry. It is also a project-based conveyor systems producer in Baltic states and surrounding markets. TB Works has an equally balanced products portfolio of complicated assembly products, machined assemblies and welding constructions. It also sources components for customers and creates production drawings, if required.