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Q&A: Global deliveries and Sammet Pivot Dampers

Text Sepi Roshan

Q&A is a series of articles in which the Sammet experts answer customer questions.

Can Sammet deliver on projects at our various global sites within similar timeframes?

Yes. We will deliver products from our manufacturing sites within agreed timeframes. Our innovative and world-class product range can be delivered to any site. We work with a trusted network of global suppliers and freight companies to provide customers with fast and cost-effective solutions.
The Sammet project process is a collaboration between teams committed to producing high quality products and services to customers, starting from initial enquiry to delivery. Our experts work tirelessly to satisfy every customer. We also provide after sale services using local experts to ensure the most effective working solutions for your operations.
Whether you have a big projects or multiple projects with varied timeframes, we can work with you to meet your needs. Contact us anytime to discuss your needs at or by calling +358 14 3391 651.




We have previously used Sammet disc dampers at many of our sites and are happy with the robust design and reliable performance they offer. However, now there is a new project that requires the same heavy-duty construction but we have very limited installation space available in the duct. What solution is available for this situation?

Sammet has a special line of pivot dampers designed for the same on/off function, offering a high level of tightness and minimal pressure drop. Pivot dampers fit easily in small spaces because their shorter assembly length means the physical length available in the duct can be much shorter than what is required for a disc damper assembly. Sammet pivot dampers offer the same, robust, heavy-duty design and reliable performance as disc dampers.
Our team is happy to answer any questions about how Sammet’s pivot dampers can meet your specific needs. Please email our sales and engineering team at or contact them on the phone at +358 14 3391 651.