A colleague, mentor and friend retires

Text Sepi Roshan

Kalju Preimer, Sammet's senior Inspector has retired. Preimer has been working in the manufacturing industry in Estonia his whole career. After a partnership that started in the 1990s, he joined Sammet as an inspector in 2007. Preimer has been a vital and respected Sammet team member, committed to ensuring that only the highest quality products were delivered to customers, and working closely with Sammet’s network of manufacturing partners in Estonia, Latvia and Poland. His technical and practical expertise spanned all aspects of workshop operations.
His dedication and commitment to his work and teams cemented Preimer’s place in Sammet’s history. “For a long time, Kalju has supported Sammet's personnel and operations in Estonia by mentoring team members and building relationships with new suppliers. He has been a reliable and skilled colleague. He has been a friend for over 20 years”, reflects Kimmo Minkkinen, Quality Manager at Sammet. Pertti Mehto, Sales Manager, echoes these sentiments, adding “Above all else, Kalju has been a trustworthy colleague and role model for our entire community.”
Sammet’s quality assurance work will continue as before under Toni Mutikainen, who has been mentored by Preimer.  Mutikainen is already ensuring that Sammet’s high inspection standards and the Sammet way of working continue.