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Sammet Louver Dampers for Industry

Tried and tested for decades, Sammet Louver Dampers are carefully tailor-made to meet customer specification. The robust design can handle harsh conditions and deliver ultimate reliability and control. The choice of materials, surface treatment and equipment such as actuators and limit switches is industry-leading.

Sammet Louver Dampers

Building on our quality promise and know-how, reaching for the ultimate

Sammet is the leading global developer of industrial dampers. During the past 39 years, we have delivered tens of thousands of Clean Flow dampers for the most demanding land and offshore applications in more than 140 countries worldwide. Our long experience and absolute dedication to quality ensure that our products are industry-leading not only by technology but also in the ease of use, service and durability. With our line of Louver Dampers for Industry, our target was set to provide our partners with industry best product line to meet the demands of challenging conditions and maintenance requirements. The design is easily customizable to conveniently fit different applications of power plants and industry.

Serving reliably around the world

Sammet Louver Dampers are used in a variety of applications for either control (regulating) or isolating (on/off) function. Available for both rectangular and round duct systems, damper size, materials, number of blades, type of actuator and other included equipment is always tailored to fit customer specification. Connection to duct can be either welded or with flanges.

Sammet Louver Dampers

Sammet Louver Damper benefits to customer

Advanced design and equipment

  • Size according to customer specification
  • Materials according to customer specification
  • Surface treatment either Sammet standard or according to customer specification
  • Tightness: several patented sealing methods available, up to 99,9 % geometrical tightness 
  • 100% geometrical tightness with sealing air
  • Low exhaust gas flow resistance
  • Service free bearings at damper backside allow compact design, installation against wall and no need for maintenance platform.
  • Two louver dampers can be connected with a common linkage to utilize a single actuator

Equipment options

  • Flanges / counter flanges with bolt connection according to customers flange specification
  • Possible insulation over the damper will be notified during engineering.
  • Linkage with linkage cover
  • Service free / heat resistant bearing units
  • External Limit switches on shafts
  • Actuator can be equipped with several different options (limit switches, positioners, fast opening / closing actions etc.)

Actuator options

  • Pneumatic actuator
    -        fail-safe with spring operation
    -        fail-safe with pressurized tank
    -        manual override gear
  • Electrical actuator
    -        fail-safe with UPS
  • Electro-hydraulic actuator
    -        fail-safe with pressurized tank
  • Manual Gear

About Us

Sammet is the global technology leader in industrial dampers. Our Clean Flow damper systems are developed for the benefit of our partners and environment, ensuring maximum energy efficiency and reliability. Our passion is dampers. Our mission is to solve the puzzle for a cleaner tomorrow.

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