Text Heikki Ollikainen
Photos Tero Takalo-Eskola

Since early 2020, the world has become entangled in a collective struggle. Even with the best laid plans, the reality shows that nothing could have prepared us for the economic and personal challenges imposed by COVID-19. Like many companies, we have found the intensity of its impact on our teams, partners and customers confronting.

Managing Director and Board member Mr Heikki Ollikainen.

In the face of these challenges, we have drawn on our penchant for taking direct action in difficult times. At Sammet, we believe problems always come with a path to solutions and that a rapid response is essential. When COVID-19 hit, we immediately adopted and continue to follow recommendations from the relevant authorities. We are taking all necessary health precautions to protect our customers, partners and teams. In the last issue of the Sammet Review, we outlined some specific measures that ensure our business is COVID-safe, such as deep cleaning, working from home, remote inspections (e.g. final assembly testing) and connecting with our customers online when face-to-face meetings are not possible.

We have strengthened our relationships with our supply chain and customers to promote business continuity during these uncertain times. Together, we are responding to changing needs. In this issue of the Sammet Review, you will read how our world-class expertise is improving global and aftersales services to optimise customer operations and performance.  Our teams are continuously monitoring, preparing and implementing appropriate actions to benefit everyone and you can read how our approach to innovation in product development and servicing, facilitates a sustainable future. We also take the opportunity to announce the exciting launch of our newest innovation: Sammet’s Ultra Large 2-Way marine dampers which range in sizes of up to DN3400.

In our connected world, swift action and commitment to finding solutions are necessary for collective success. Sammet’s commitment to our partners has motivated us to keep pushing towards excellence despite the challenges presented by COVID-19. We continue to innovate for changing needs and are delivering projects to schedule, both in China and Europe. Your fortitude and resilience makes us optimistic about the future.  During these difficult times, we are energised by your determination and stand in solidarity with you.

Heikki Ollikainen
Managing Director