Text Heikki Ollikainen
Photos Tero Takalo-Eskola

Mr. Heikki Ollikainen.

The last year has been challenging and rewarding. In its 35 year history, Sammet has never experienced such extraordinary growth. Through commitment and hard work, we doubled the number of damper projects and turnover in the last financial year. Demand for our products continues to be very strong and we expect more growth in the coming years from both our marine business and the power industry. Now is the time to say thank you to those who worked intensely and consistently to achieve such a significant outcome.

Firstly, in March, we celebrated the opening of our production plant in Shanghai, China. The Chinese plant has helped with scaling up our operations, which continues to progress as planned. I think the intensity of the past year will recede, somewhat, because the China plant provides the infrastructure needed to accommodate our higher growth. A big thank you goes to Mr. Arto Savolainen and his team in China.

The previous year has also made it clear that our people and partners are among the very best in the damper business. Time and time again they have shown that there is no impediment to accomplishing what we have promised to do. To continuously improve Sammet’s operations, we have recruited several new team members in our Jyväskylä headquarters and in Shanghai. In addition, investments in new systems and moving our headquarters to more spacious premises have brought with them more efficient ways of working. My warm thanks goes to the Sammet team for their excellent work, dedication and commitment.

Much of our success and efficiency is thanks to our exceptional suppliers. They provide us with quality materials, components and services, enabling us to build the technologically advanced and tailor-made Sammet products for all our customers around the world. Our year of strong growth required flexibility and commitment to excellence from our suppliers. Thank you!

Finally, a gracious thank you goes out, to you – our valued customers who drive us to do better to meet your damper needs. We at Sammet, want to thank you warmly for your continuing trust in our products and services. We promise to meet future challenges with our usual Sammet focus on quality and efficiency. I am happy to announce that with your support, Sammet has grown to become the leading industrial damper supplier in the world.

Heikki Ollikainen
Managing Director