Text Heikki Ollikainen
Photos Tero Takalo-Eskola

One of the greatest outcomes of Sammet’s commitment to its customers is its ability to create solutions that meet their present and future needs. In this issue of the Sammet Review, you will read how we are working in partnership with our suppliers, agents and teams to deliver our dampers, spare parts and expertise to regulate gas flows in various industrial processes and marine applications.

Managing Director and Board member Mr Heikki Ollikainen.

Sammet’s commitment to its customers and a cleaner and more sustainable future has resulted in a rapid increase in our share of the marine market. We are supporting the marine industry respond to stringent emissions regulations and demand for environmentally sustainable shipping by delivering the most comprehensive range of innovative and cost-effective solutions.
Our range of Clean Flow dampers for scrubbers and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) applications are tailored solutions for optimal performance, and can be found in many of world’s largest vessels. Sammet’s ultra-modern and modular design technology allows for easy upgrades, servicing, maintenance and reliability. Over the last year, we have successfully launched several new product lines including our Ultra Large 2-Way Dampers and, introducing in this issue of the Sammet Review, the Next Generation (NG) 3-Way Dampers for marine applications. To provide comfort over the reliability of our new products, we undertake extensive quality control and testing, both inhouse and in collaboration with leading organisations.
In this issue of the Sammet Review, we also share our increasing local presence in key markets like Indonesia to better serve customers.  Greater investment in localised services and building stronger relationships along the supply chain, enables us to tailor new and replacement products, spare parts and services to local industry requirements. Read how our teams work together to deliver products and after sales services to customers in the final instalment of a three-part series exploring Sammet’s project process essentials: Part 3 – Delivery to after sales. In everything we do for our customers, we are seeking to add value.
This issue of the Sammet Review reflects our commitment to our customers and our work to provide quality solutions for their every need. Our customers have very high expectations of us. We are continually working to meet and exceed these expectations. Sammet’s commitment to our customers, partners and the planet is what motivates our teams to strive for better.  

Heikki Ollikainen
Managing Director