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Text Sepi Roshan

Q&A is a series of articles in which the Sammet experts answer customer questions.

Our business is growing. Does Sammet have the capacity and expertise to provide quality marine dampers to meet our needs?

Sammet is the world’s biggest producer of marine dampers by volume. Our dampers and components (e.g. actuators, piping systems, limit switches) incorporate the most advanced technology available. Since our inception, we have been focused on continuous improvement to meet the changing needs of customers and environmental regulations. Sammet’s marine dampers are already used in dozens of the world’s biggest ships, giving us the ability to track and monitor actual performance in use for to enable continuous improvement. A combination of the most advanced technology and Sammet’s quality promise, makes our marine dampers the safest choice for the most demanding offshore conditions (e.g. salt water, humidity, corrosive environment). Our customers have access to a range of standardised marine dampers which have been optimised to the smallest detail. We can also tailor-make a full range of cutting-edge damper solutions for offshore scrubber and catalyst systems, to any specification. You can call +358 14 3391 650 or send email directly to

Since opening your production facilities in China, do I need to contact an engineer in China to place order with Sammet?

Sammet Dampers (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. is a manufacturing facility only, responsible for producing Sammet products for the Chinese and Asian markets. Our European customers can continue to be served by manufacturing in Finland, Estonia and Poland and now have the choice of production in China, if it is more suited to their needs. No matter where production occurs, you will always get the same high quality, Sammet product. When placing an order or making inquiries, you will continue to speak with our team of qualified sales personnel who are based at our headquarters in Finland and always ready to assist you. Sammet’s working language is English. You can call +358 14 3391 650 or send email directly to