Text Sepi Roshan
Photos Tero Takalo-Eskola

Q&A is a series of articles in which the Sammet experts answer customer questions.


I am interested in Sammet’s new Ultra Large 2-way Marine damper series. How large are these dampers and do they still possess the standard benefits Sammet marine dampers are known for?

Our new, innovative Ultra Large 2-way Marine damper series range in sizes of up to DN3400. Their design is the most robust and reliable in the industry. In addition, and as is the case with our complete range of marine dampers, the new Ultra Large 2-way Marine damper series posses the following standard benefits:

  • Geometrical tightness level of up to 99.9 % 
  • 100% geometrical tightness available with sealing air technology option
  • Low exhaust gas flow resistance with two bladed construction which requires no middle beam 
  • When ship space is limited, our compact design with maintenance-free bearings at the rear of the damper allows for wall mounting 
  • Options include a selection of actuators and equipment such as limit switches, control cabinets and sealing air fans.

Our experts are ready to discuss how our Ultra Large 2-way Marine dampers can be tailored to various technical specifications.  You can discuss your specific requirements by emailing us at sales@sammet.fi or calling +358 14 3391 651.