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Q&A is a series of articles in which the Sammet experts answer customer questions.

We are looking for a company who can produce industrial dampers and also provide excellent after sale services. Does Sammet only manufacture industrial dampers or do you provide other services, too?

In addition to the manufacture and supply of our world class industrial dampers, Sammet provides a wide range of services to meet a wide variety of customer needs. Amongst others, we provide spare part services, on-site repairs, replacement dampers, modernisation and a wide range of expert and consulting services, such as damper condition analysis, troubleshooting and technical support. Our professional life cycle maintenance service can enhance the performance of any damper and minimise the total life-time cost. We also provide access to a huge range of services through our national and international partner networks. Our dedicated Sammet team is always ready to discuss your specific needs. You can contact us at service@sammet.fi or by calling +358 14 339 1650 at anytime.


If we were to purchase spare parts for our dampers, what kind of warranty will Sammet provide?

Sammet relies on 39 years of experience to provide customers with original, high quality and cost effective spare parts. All our spare parts come with a 12 month warranty which covers all manufacturing and material defects. Full warranty terms and conditions can be discussed with your Sammet representative. If your spare parts are out of warranty or need replacement, we are happy to discuss the most cost-effective solution for you. You can find out more and make an enquiry by mailing us at service@sammet.fi or by calling +358 14 339 1650 at anytime.