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Mr. Heikki Ollikainen.

On 1 January, 2020 a new era for the maritime industry began. New shipping fuel emission regulations have come into force, limiting sulphur oxide (SOx) levels to 0.5%. Shipping companies can comply in two ways: switch to low sulphur fuel or equip their ships with scrubber technology. According to market data, the majority of companies are opting for the latter approach.

The growing demand for marine scrubbers has resulted in new partnerships and opportunities for Sammet. We have recently started a co-operation with one of the industry-leading scrubber technology developers, Kamelia Cleantech. Its Managing Director, Ms Kaisa Marton views Sammet as a well-known and trusted company - an obvious choice of partner to support Kamelia Cleantech’s growth ambitions. Our China facility holds particular appeal. “Sammet’s manufacturing facility in China is very competitive compared with other suppliers and as many of our projects are currently located in China, we are also saving costs on logistics”, says Ms Marton. Read more about Kamelia Cleantech and our partnership.

Evidence that people power the growth of companies is clear when considering the value-adding effects of innovation and supply chain management. Our people’s ingenuity has driven the many innovations which have put Sammet at the leading edge of damper technology. Similarly, initiating, negotiating and completing supply contracts is contingent on the expertise, working relationships and decisions of the people involved. Sammet’s Strategic Purchasing Manager, Mr Jukka Kaukanen highlights how our supply chain relies on the functionality of our ERP systems and his team’s ability to manage data. “We employ the latest technology and innovative practices for purchases, confirmations and vendor delivery tracking through the ERP system to ensure delivery and planning accuracy”, reveals Mr Kaukanen. Read more about Sammet’s supply chain management practices.

Finally, I note that last year was a year of rapid growth for Sammet. That, too, was made possible by people. Many thanks for the brilliant co-operation to all our customers, suppliers and partners, including our own Sammet teams in Finland and China. This year, we are expecting continued growth in both the maritime and power segments of our business. To ensure we always put people first, extra focus is being placed on developing our sales and after sales services. As a company founded on the principles of quality and partnerships, our people are always here to help drive your business growth.

Heikki Ollikainen
Managing Director