Text Heikki Ollikainen
Photos Tero Takalo-Eskola

This last year has undoubtedly been painful. But with this pain has come self reflection, new ways of working, collaboration and growth. It has strengthened our appreciation for the strong partnerships that have supported us and renewed our vigour for fulfilling Sammet’s mission to solve the puzzle for a cleaner tomorrow. The past year has intensified our passion for dampers and our commitment to you. Now, we are looking forward to better times.

Managing Director and Board member Mr Heikki Ollikainen.

Our partners and our teams have shown that they are passionate, dedicated people whose contributions have collectively worked to stabilise the uneven steps we were forced to take together in 2020. As scientific teams continue to work zealously towards vaccines and policymakers work to stabilise our economies and public health systems, our teams are applying their expertise and creating innovations for a sustainable tomorrow. Sammet’s renowned clean tech dampers are focused on reducing emissions and helping the environment. In this issue of Sammet Review you will read about our enduring partnership with Alfa Laval Aalborg and how the concept of Finnish sisu is driving us towards solutions for environmental sustainability.

While product innovation is core to Sammet, in a new three part series, innovation in our project process takes centre stage. Nurturing relationships requires a commitment to a deeper level of trust. Strong, robust transparent processes are essential for guiding customers from their initial product enquiry to delivery.  We outline what to expect when working with Sammet and in this issue, we begin with Part 1 - Enquiry to quote.

In the time we have been physically apart, we have never been more closely aligned in our experiences.  Sammet has been determined to find new ways of connecting with our customers and partners, and you can read about Sammet’s online presence here.  These positive changes have been fruitful and to accommodate expected growth, we are actively seeking talented individuals to join our team. Details about the opportunity can be found here

As the world moves towards solutions, we look forward to connecting and collaborating with you to support your success. It is with growing hope for a safer, cleaner and prosperous new year that we send you wishes for good health, success and joy.

Heikki Ollikainen
Managing Director