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Growing in strength - 2/2021

Trusted partner in nuclear power

Sammet is proud to announce that it has extended its co-operation with Wärtsilä, a leading supplier of power plant, energy management and storage system solutions. Sammet products will form a key component of Wärtsilä’s design of power plant safety systems for emergency power generators in several new sectors, including nuclear power plants.

Choosing a supplier for nuclear power plants is a complex task. The approval process involves a demanding and thorough audit to ensure external suppliers operate within strict protocols. Sammet’s expansion into the nuclear sector comes as a result of its commitment to high standards of quality control, stringent safety practices and superior project management systems. With production capability in Europe and China, Sammet is able to respond effectively and efficiently to local needs. With local production facilities, Sammet is able to provide expert service and advice throughout the plant’s life.

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Growing in strength

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