Text Sepi Roshan

COVID-19 has changed the way the world is doing business. Like many businesses, Sammet is taking advantage of technology to connect with its global network of partners and customers. The benefits of heading online include adherence to social distancing during project development, servicing and support, as well as finding more creative ways to connect and share information.

“The feedback is that our partners and customers enjoy connecting with us online. They have more direct access to our teams”, says Mikko Sammasmaa from Sammet's marketing and communications partner Brande. Sammet’s LinkedIn page is updated regularly and has amassed more than 5,000 followers. “We are finding it is becoming an increasingly important way to connect and share information”, states Sammasmaa. 

The Sammet website is regularly updated. Now, in addition to English, FInnish, Chinese, Korean and Japanese customers can access the content in their own language. “Sammet is  truly a global company, working to support our partners and customers in the best way”, says Sammasmaa.

You can connect with Sammet on LinkedIn, through their website, emailing sales@sammet.fi or calling  +358 14 3391 651.