Text Sepi Roshan
Photos Tero Takalo-Eskola

Having delivered more than 20,000 dampers to over 100 countries, Sammet is familiar with the challenges facing the marine and power industries. One important trend is sustainability and product life cycle management. In response, Sammet has developed new services such as asset modernisation, commissioning and consultations to cost effectively optimise customer operations and asset performance. These new services complement Sammet’s high quality physical products and existing services such as on-site maintenance, spare parts, condition analysis inspections and training.

Mr Marko Hantula, Head of Services at Sammet.

At the helm of Sammet’s service revolution is Mr Marko Hantula, Head of Services. Hantula has over 20 years of experience managing and developing global after sales service functions. His drive for continuous improvement and customer satisfaction stems from his commitment to positive change and mutual benefit. “I am enjoying the challenge of creating a clear service strategy and implementing it with precision for the success of our customers”, says Hantula. 


Team effort

Designing and implementing new services is no easy task. Working closely with partners and having a clearly defined strategy are crucial. “Once we have consulted with customers and established their needs, the Sammet team conceptualises and fine-tunes the offerings”, explains Hantula. After a service design is approved internally, key actions are mapped, progress monitoring procedures are agreed and each service is meticulously tested and assessed before the offering is taken to market. Hantula emphasises that the priority in the early stages of implementing a new service is to ensure every employee and partner is familiar with the priorities of customers and all aspects of the services offered. Everyone along the value chain must understand their role and responsibilities. This ensures services are performed in the most effective and efficient manner, and that Sammet’s high quality standards are always maintained.

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 “Our commitment is to provide the same, high quality service to customers no matter the service ordered and no matter where the service is performed”

As a global company responsible for supporting some of the market’s biggest players, consistency of service quality is non-negotiable. With English as Sammet’s working language, communication becomes easier and helps mitigate many challenges other global companies might face when expanding their remit. To further assist employees and partners deliver the high quality and exceptional service for which Sammet is known, relevant supporting material is translated into local languages. Hantula points out that the calibre of Sammet’s team and their unflinching commitment to customers have been the greatest asset in successfully integrating Sammet’s new services into their portfolio. “The Sammet way of working together as partners is our dominant culture and this helps with ensuring optimal outcomes”, he says. It makes no difference whether a customer receives services in Europe or Asia. “Our commitment is to provide the same, high quality service to customers no matter the service ordered and no matter where the service is performed”, clarifies Hantula. 

As this year has unfolded, Sammet’s commitment to its customers has become even stronger. “Nothing, not even the coronavirus pandemic has impacted our ability to produce products or seek better solutions for our customers”, states Hantula. Sammet continues to work closely with its employees, partners and customers to plan and co-ordinate activities in a safe and efficient manner. “When performing any of our services, we practice physical distancing and in accordance with government regulations and advice, supply all our employees with masks and sanitiser. All necessary precautions are taken to ensure the safety of all individuals”, he says.


Optimal operation and performance

Sammet’s service designs are aimed at enhancing the utility of assets. The value to customers is that their focus moves away from conceptualising, installing and learning how to maintain their assets to solely benefiting from their use. Customers can look forward to optimised asset performance and reduced lifetime costs. Undertaking proactive maintenance can reduce costly and disruptive unplanned downtime or shutdowns. “If businesses are unsure of what services will best suit their operations, they can simply get in touch with us. We are always available to discuss their needs”, states Hantula.

So far the feedback has been positive. Customers appreciate Sammet’s ability to keep its promises, including fast response times and reliable service. Customers also value their easy interactions with Sammet and being able to take advantage of world-class expertise. “In my view, the ability to facilitate optimal performance and growth for our customers is a privilege. We are happy to be at their service”, Hantula says. As a company headquartered in Finland, the country ranked by the United Nations as the happiest for the last three years, it seems Sammet is working hard to spread this happiness to their global customers.