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Over the last few years, fierce competition in the pulp and paper industry has forced Indonesia to improve the competitiveness of its products in the global market. Indonesia’s Center for Pulp and Paper (CPP) has been promoting R&D and innovations in environmentally friendly technologies to keep up with changing demand.

Pekka Hemmi, founder and CEO of Nordic Ventures Group (NVG). 

These developments are fortuitous for Finnish companies. Innovations that save energy, natural resources and costs have positioned Finnish engineering companies and consultants as highly valued partners for Asian paper mills.  These companies are renowned for supplying high-quality products and services, and for their reliability. As the global leader in dampers, Sammet has already established its presence in Indonesia.

Similarly, Mr Pekka Hemmi, founder and CEO of Nordic Ventures Group (NVG) has had a long history with Indonesia. Thirty-seven years ago, Hemmi was an integral team member in a World Bank funded project researching Indonesia’s pulp and paper industry. His career drew Hemmi to the world’s largest island country, which is now  the world’s sixth largest paper producer and ninth largest pulp producer.
“From a modest start in the 1980’s I have witnessed the significant growth in the Indonesian pulp and paper industry”, says Hemmi.  He is proud of having had the opportunity to introduce new technologies such as fluidised bed combustion boilers and CCD based web inspection cameras which have become industry standards.

Pekka Hemmi

How we met

Here is where the Sammet and NVG journeys intersect. As demand for after sale services in Indonesia expands, Sammet has seen the need for greater local presence to engage directly with customers. In late 2020, Sammet launched a drive to build its international agents network in its key markets of Asia, Europe and Latin America. A union between Sammet and NVG raises the possibility of greater investment in localised services and building stronger relationships with customers.

“It is often quality which prompts customers to recommend certain services and components to suppliers and contractors, so this new partnership with Sammet is a clear win-win situation for everyone”

NVG’s exceptional understanding and presence in Indonesia is powering its own growth and expansion. From his early days in Indonesia, Hemmi established long-lasting relationships which translated into new technologies and innovations being introduced to the market. Mutually beneficial and strong partnerships remain a cornerstone of NVG’s culture and growth strategy. “It is often quality which prompts customers to recommend certain services and components to suppliers and contractors, so this new partnership with Sammet is a clear win-win situation for everyone”, says Hemmi.

Pekka Hemmi

Pekka Hemmi, member of the board in the Finland-South East Asia Business Association, meeting Indonesia's ambassador of Finland, Ratu Silvy Gayatri.

Why we will stay together

The Sammet and NVG partnership is a natural fit. “One of our key focus areas in Indonesia is servicing recovery boilers and power boilers in pulp mills. In addition, to Sammet’s after sale services, their dampers can offer state-of-the-art control of combustion gases and air flows. Sammet services and products greatly strengthen our offerings to our customer base”, explains Hemmi. Expanding and growing a customer base together, is an attractive proposition that these Finnish companies are keen to progress. “We hope to expand our service coverage in pulp mills and serve our customers better.  We know Sammet is keen to expand its offerings to Indonesian companies, too and we will work together to supply the best to the best”, reveals Hemmi.
Both Sammet and NVG are focused on the long game. The Sammet Way of working in partnership with its customers and supply chain focuses attention on consistently providing the same, high quality products and services, and meeting specific customer needs. Hemmi’s approach at NVG is to pay attention to genuine, long term relationships where all parties will benefit equally. “Our long history proves that we have been successful in protecting the interest of everyone working with NVG and creating a sustainable, profitable industry by connecting companies across the globe”, he explains.
Taking the best of both worlds, Hemmi and his new relationship with Sammet exemplify how the fusion of Asian and Finnish expertise creates success. Having lived and worked in Indonesia for a long time, Hemmi considers Indonesia a second home.  The friendships he has formed, the culture, and local cuisine make Indonesia special to him and form part of who he is. “Indonesians are the friendliest people in the world. I am very lucky as I split my time between Asia and Finland, and can enjoy the best of both”, he says.
Hemmi confides that during the short Finnish summers, he enjoys fishing because the taste of Finnish lake fish is unbeatable. After a long pause, he says, “I want my principals in Finland and my customers in Indonesia to succeed. And I believe I have found the right partner in Sammet to do this”.

About Nordic Ventures Group (NVG) 

Nordic Ventures Group was established in 1991 offering high quality Finnish components and systems to the Indonesian pulp and paper industry. Today, NVG is a significant technology distributor and service company in Asia, operating in Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and China.
As a valuable partner, NVG supports high productivity, efficiency and value, by providing only the highest quality products and advanced technology in process, automation and maintenance. It uses highly skilled local, technical services and sources solutions from Nordic Countries.

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