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Q&A: Sammet's quality assesment and worker safety

Q&A is a series of articles in which the Sammet experts answer customer questions.

Sammet has recently opened a new production facilities in Shanghai, China. How do you manage quality assurance at this facility?

Sammet has four, full time quality inspectors in China who meticulously assess quality in all phases of our manufacturing process. Thorough acceptance testing is carried out by one of our inspectors as soon as any components and materials arrive at the Shanghai facility. Every single piece of specialised material such as frame plates and shafts are inspected according to western standard mechanical and chemical (TUV) tests by an independent third party laboratory. After assembly, Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) is carried out by our own FAT specialists. A final quality inspection takes place before finished products are shipped to customers. All our quality assurance is performed in accordance with ISO 9001 requirements using an Inspection and Test plan (ITP). Customers are welcome to attend our quality assurance testing at point. We are proud to say that the Sammet products produced in China are of the very highest quality and easily meet the quality of western manufactured products our customers expect.

What kind of facility does Sammet have in China? How does Sammet guarantee worker safety in its facility?

Sammet has two modern 3,176 square metre production halls in Jinshan, Shanghai. Currently one hall is reserved for manufacturing only. The other is for holding stock and packing products for delivery. We have plenty of manufacturing capacity and possibilities for further expansion, when required. As a rule, customers can always count on Sammet to prioritise worker safety. In each part of the facility, we have a “safety first” approach to ensure our workers operate in the safest environment possible. Working conditions are continuously monitored and documented. In addition, specific safety reviews are carried out regularly. Our daily production meetings and weekly management meeting always start with a discussion about work safety issues. All our personnel are equipped with modern up-to-date personal safety equipment and we have engineered specialised safety equipment for specific conditions, such as when working with heights. All our premises are kept clean and clutter-free because we always have safety and convenience in mind. Customers are welcome to visit our facilities at any time and gain first hand experience of Sammet’s “safety first” approach.

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