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A view from Mumbai, India.

Q&A: Sammet's presence in India and projects requiring urgent delivery

Q&A is a series of articles in which the Sammet experts answer customer questions.


I have noticed that Sammet has a large following on LinkedIn. My company’s sales manager is not familiar with Sammet and wants to know if you have experience in the Indian market?

Sammet has a long history in the Indian market. India is one of our key markets and the first products arrived in the 1990s. You can find Sammet disc dampers are in many Indian pulp mills and power plants. Sammet products have earned a reputation for quality and reliability among our Indian customers.

We have also built close partnerships and alliances throughout India to support our customers within different regions.  This strengthens our ability to meet specific product and service needs. Sammet’s familiarity with the Indian market also helps with fast and efficient delivery from Europe and China. 

Our sales and engineering teams are always available to discuss your needs and answer any questions. You, or your manager, can contact us at anytime via email or by calling +358 14 3391 651.



Last month we experienced a supply disruption. We urgently needed to source 12 guillotine dampers but lost revenue because we missed a deadline. We are now implementing a dual sourcing strategy to mitigate our supply risk. What processes do you have in place to take, fulfil and deliver urgent orders?

Sammet’s engineering, manufacturing and delivery process is fully optimised for fast, urgent delivery. Our systematic and innovative operating model has been perfected over the last 35 years, and enables us to respond immediately to enquiries. Our extensive network of manufacturing facilities in China and Europe means we can fulfil orders and deliver to a wide range of locations within the most limited timeframes.

Once we receive an urgent enquiry, our teams immediately evaluate the most efficient and effective way to fulfil it. We have access to a large stock of inventory and materials which speeds up the manufacturing process. As soon as designs are approved by the customer, they are sent for manufacture. Quality is never compromised and our stringent FAT testing evaluates products during and after manufacturing to verify that the product is assembled and operating in accordance with design specifications. Our large network also provides a broad range of freight options so delivery time is minimised.  

Our sales and engineering teams are always available on email at or on the phone at +358 14 3391 651.