Pekka Kylmälahti started in Sammet's sales team

Mr. Juha Järvenreuna, CEO at Caligo Industria.

From friends to family

When Sammet became part of the Addtech family in 2016, it was an ideal match. Sammet's core value and work philosophy of working in true partnership – the Sammet Way – was complemented with a vast network of sister companies who work to deliver great customer value and service throughout the globe.

One of these sister companies is Caligo Industria Oy – a leader in the energy technology industry, maximising heat recovery from energy plant flue gases and industrial steam. Caligo’s patented heat recovery technology uses an innovative heat pump scrubber system which improves flue gas cooling and condensation. Combining an industrial heat pump system with a flue gas scrubber enables more efficient heat transfer and reduces fuel consumption, and is at the forefront of district heating technology. Significant increases in energy efficiency results in fuel cost savings of up to 35 per cent.

Unsurprisingly, Caligo’s technology is in high demand. “When heat return temperature is very high, the energy produced by a traditional flue gas scrubber is low. Caligo technology cools flue gases from between 150 and 200 degrees to approximately 30 degrees. A large amount of steam is created and then frozen, producing a tremendous amount of thermal energy. We recover this heat and direct it back to the district heating network,” explains CEO, Juha Järvenreuna. “The technology is so efficient, that we have just negotiated one of the largest deals in the company’s history”, he reveals. New supply contracts are already being scheduled for September.

Järvenreuna attributes part of his company’s success to specialisation. The focus is thermodynamic processes and product design. Other aspects such as manufacturing, are outsourced to experts in those fields. This specialisation has made Caligo the market leader in energy plants below 50MW, in Finland and France. Their customers comprise energy companies and saw mills, although interest also comes from bioenergy plant turn key providers..

Caligo Industria Oy - Juha Järvenreuna

Specialist roles, co-ordinated success

Järvenreuna is proud of the company he founded with his colleagues in 2013. “No other company integrates heat pumps and scrubbers but we always believed that one day we would produce clean, efficient energy this way”, he says. The damper plays a critical role in Caligo’s heat recovery technology. Flue gas scrubbers must operate in extreme conditions, and require special properties to handle high concentrations of dust and soot, among other things. 

“Sammet has fulfilled our needs to the letter, and if any problems emerge, they always find solutions"

Caligo designers sought to work with Sammet because of its reputation for high quality products. When it became clear that high quality products were matched with levels of reliability and pricing that Caligo required, a partnership was immediately formed. “Sammet has fulfilled our needs to the letter, and if any problems emerge, they always find solutions. We have a very open and straightforward relationship”, states Järvenreuna. Their partnership goes beyond a supply of dampers and Caligo also buys services related to personnel management, procurement and business process solutions from Sammet.

The bond between Caligo and Sammet was strengthened in February 2020, when Caligo was bought by the Swedish technology group Addtech Nordic Ab. Addtech's international network of over 130 companies has brought new opportunities for growth and international expansion. “A great benefit for Caligo since joining the Addtech group of companies, is the opportunity to work more closely with Sammet”, says Järvenreuna. “Our competitive advantage is our cutting edge technology and with our trusted, sister company, we know we are in safe hands”, states Järvenreuna. 

A partnership built on trust

Järvenreuna constantly refers to the trust and respect Caligo and Sammet have established. “Trust is vitally important in all relationships. We have trust in Sammet, their dampers and the quality of their customer service. We always test whether a supplier keeps their promises in terms of price, reliability and quality. If they pass our test, we welcome them as partners”, he explains. Caligo continuously monitors the market but when a partner is found, they take priority for product and service needs.

Sammet has adapted to Caligo’s business as it has evolved. “We work on product design improvements together. Our specific areas of expertise feed into a collaborative R&D program which aims to produce reliable and robust solutions for the energy market. Sammet is a valuable partner for us”, reveals Järvenreuna. 

Both Caligo and Sammet work in partnership with their supply chains, are committed to environmental sustainability and work to generate economic benefits for their customers. With the uncertainty throughout 2020, Järvenreuna  says it is vitally important that Caligo’s partners maintain stability. “Negotiations with our customers typically last between one and two years, which means our partners must provide stability in pricing, quality and delivery. I think Sammet is able to meet this challenge”, confirms Järvenreuna.

Just like the forests in Finland, Caligo is a force to be reckoned with. Finnish forests are around one tenth of Canada’s yet the absolute annual forest growth rate is equal to Canada’s. Similarly, Caligo has nine employees and like a Finnish forest, its influence in shaping the energy industry is impressive.

About Caligo Industria Oy

Caligo Industria Oy is based in Turku and Jyväskylä, Finland. It has nine employees. The company's main products are solutions for flue gas scrubbing, heat recovery and condensate treatment in district heating and power plants for the needs of heat producers and the manufacturing industry. More recently, Caligo has supplied wasted energy recovery systems to the sawmill industry in the Finnish and French markets, among others. In 2020, Caligo’s net sales was approximately €4.9 million. Caligo is part of the Swedish AddtechNordic AB Group of companies.