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Sammet Dampers

10 reasons to choose Sammet


1. We deliver on time

With Sammet, your schedule is what matters the most, meaning that you can count on hassle-free damper deliveries on time, on every continent.

2. We deliver around the world

Sammet Dampers are a familiar sight at plants in over 60 countries around the world. No matter where your site is, that is where we will deliver.

3. We deliver exactly as agreed

Instead of 'one size fits all', we make sure that every single project is designed from the beginning and completely customised to your individual needs.

4. We deliver highest quality

Sammet was the pioneer in damper industry to introduce a complete ISO9001 Quality System in the 1990's. Our priority is to manufacture dampers that quality-wise are second to none.

5. We deliver latest innovations

Our product development team is busy finding new innovations to continuously improve our damper designs. With Sammet, you will stay ahead of competition.

6. We offer true partnership

We offer you partnership in all your damper-related business, from designing to servicing, consulting, damper renewing plans and finding new optimal damper solutions.

7. We are fast and efficient

We offer efficient engineering, fast delivery times and fast response to your questions. Where changes are neccessery, we confirm them with no delay.

8. We'll keep in touch with you

We want to keep you well up-to-date about how project proceeds. Every project has a named commercial, technical and haulage contact persons that are ready to help you out whenever needed.

9. We offer competetive pricing

Efficiency throughout the production ensures that we can offer competitively priced products that are affordable yet fulfill even the strictest modern requirements.

10. We keep what we promise

Sammet is "The Reliable Finn" of the damper business, making sure that your project will be exactly as agreed. Our dampers also come with complete guarantee period, for your convenience.